Specialized Hosting, Locally?

NextGI has its’ newest datacenter in Reno NV. Providing local business with enterprise grade web and application hosting.

Truly fast

Speed is not simply determined by bandwidth but also by infrastructure.


Security Matters

We have applied our knowledge and ability to give you the best.

Really local Support

That’s right; truly local. So local it is based right here in Reno, NV.

Local Bandwidth

Even our bandwidth is sourced locally. We strive to support local business as local business support us by choosing us. CC Communications has accomplished a lot and has more than proven they are capable of amazing speed, performance, and reliability.

Security starts with the Edge

Being Enterprise Partners with CloudFlare allows us to provide services to customers such advanced security, increased performance, and reliability. Our Edge interfaces directly with CloudFlare, leaving as little gap as possible between your viewers and your content. Advanced caching and security is very important.

Global Reach and Flexibility

Want to ensure Geo-Redundancy? Need hosting in a specific region of the world? Privacy concerns? We have solutions for just about every hosting need and purpose. With a global reach of 135+ locations world wide we can certainly cater.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have 24/7 support?

Yes. We do not however offer 24/7 phone support. Our facilities are staffed 7 days a week however, we do not staff phone support 24/7. Email support is provided 24/7 and Phone support is provided Mon-Fri 6 AM to 11 PM PDT.

What is your refund policy?

As we do not require a contract and really strive to provide the best service possible we review each request. Within the first 30 days we general do not question the request barring a suspension or other violation of our policies. Please review our Terms of Service for more information.

Is your support truely local?

Yes! To be fair, all of our support is US based. However, our staff rotates. It is possible that you may receive initial support from someone not in Reno NV. Generally, our goal is make sure you receive support from someone closest to your sites primary hosting location.

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